1. The team leader of Kuspermező Kft, Mr. Attila Nagy has graduated in 2001 Szent István University, Gödöllő, Faculty of Agricultural and Enviromental Sciences, Master of Agricultural Sciences and continued his personal education development with two postgradual courses, namely Plant Protection Engineer and Soil Management Engineer.   For two years (2012-2013), he was involved in the production management as agricultural engineer for Hunland Trade Ltd and for Iklad Agricultural Cooperative, plant protection manager (1200 ha).

2. Mr. Attila Nagy has more than 15 years experiences in agriculture, more than 10 years experiences to work with farmers, its focus being mainly to teach the farmers / producers, organizations how to produce more crops on their surfaces, seed production and processing, crop trials, evaluation, etc, crop registrations, advisoring of all kind of agricultural aspects. During 2001-2012, Mr. Attila Nagy acted as soil conservation inspector for Government Office of County Pest, Directorate of Plant Protection and Soil Conservation.

3. As entrepreneur, Mr. Attila Nagy was involved in agricultural consultancy (HUNLAND Group 1800 ha, Agro-Iklad 99 Ltd. 300 ha, other farmers cca. 100 ha) and education (Szent István University, adult education courses: integrated pest contol, soil conservation, crop production, animal husbandry, grassland farming, NATURA 2000).

4. As other managerial experience, Mr. Attila Nagy had participated in national weed survey in plantations, developed the Elaboration of the Soil Degradation Subsystem (TDR) of the National Environmental Information System, field research, was involved in terroir assessment in vineyard, Tokaj Region Research Institute for Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and participated in GuardEn Project as trainer and Q-Bicon, ISO / IEC 17024 course as consultant for biomass.