Kuspermezo Kft

Kuspermező Kft SME’s focus covers the span of crop production agriculture with transaction experience extended beyond seeds and traits to all facets of crop-based agribusiness.
Established in 1997, Kuspermező Kft ment to ensure the background for cereals growing, leguminous plants and oil seeds. During the following years, the activity was expand also the set up other types of crops, such as tobacco, seeds and animal feeds and procesing of raised products. Thus, the company started to organise for farmers warehousing and storage and wholesale of chemical prodcuts necesary for the crops and crops maintainance.
Since 2013, Kuspermező Kft enlarge its domain of activity by profesional, scientific and technical activities, translation and interpretation of research papers with agricultural topics and organisation of conferences and trade shows, along with education and advisory activities for the farmers.